What? Rad Trads Now Visiting Conspiracy Website Godlike Productions? And So It Begins ... The Diocese Of Dijon Has Given The Traditional Latin Mass The Boot!

I thought I was the only one. 

GLP was my little secret - for years.

I have seen Ann Barnhardt posts pop up here here and there on this conspiracy website and thought the posts were put there by a few of Ann's demented lovers. 

Now another Rad Trad chick (it's always the curious woman who are first to go where they shouldn't - see Abraham's sister and what happened to her as punishment) has made an appearance on this website.

This Rad Trad Lady Fortunabeargirl posted this Sunday Morning before or after Sunday Morning Mass?

Not much traffic as of yet.

Word of warning.

This GLP website is filled with a lot of evangelical morons and anti-catholic bigots - all of them stupid. So watch out for attacks on the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.