Timothy Gordon
1. Product of FSSP
2. Belongs to Camp Voris
3. Latin Mass Goer
4. Says Move To A RED State
5. Rarely Attends Latin Mass Anymore (Once Every Two Months)
6. Wrote a Book - Patriarchy


If attending the Latin Mass was so important to him, then don't you think, that he would have moved closer to a Latin Mass Location?

No Gordon moves from California to Mississippi where the closest Latin Mass is 90 minutes away in New Orleans. What? Able to do research for a book, but not able to do any research on Latin Mass locations? 

Claims he is too lazy to drive 90 minutes to Latin Mass every Sunday.

So its not car problems or money problems. No. Its his own lack of planning and laziness.

Shouldn't the Patriarch make sure his children attend the Latin Mass?

No. this Patriarch home schools his kids and send them to the New Mass.


Look, Gordon is articulate. But he is also clueless.

None of what he is doing makes any sense.

Please buy his well written book on Patriarchy I'm sure you won't be disappointed but just don't follow the example of the articulate philosopher Timothy J. Gordon.