Why Are FSSP RAD TRAD Influencers Spreading The Lie That There Is NO WAR Between The FSSP & SSPX?

Ok enough is enough 

I'll be the first like always. 

There is a WAR waged by the FSSP against the SSPX. 

Got it? 

If you attend the FSSP then you are at WAR with the SSPX.

Got it?

If you attend the SSPX then you are the victim of the FSSP onslaught.

FSSP started this WAR

The OPUS DEI is not at war with the SSPX

Stop spreading lies that OPUS DEI is the one at war with the SSPX.

What does OPUS DEI have to lose? by the existence of the SSPX? Nothing.

What does FSSP have to lose?  by the existence of the SSPX? EVERYTHING!

It is the FSSP that is at WAR with the SSPX.

There is no uniting the tribes.

Michael Matt is delusional and dangerous.

FSSP will lose its members if they lose their hold on the laity.

FSSP has to brainwash the FSSP laity.

Please there is a WAR waged by the FSSP and I will post more from the battle field.

The FSSP will one day start to murder SSPX Priests as Our Lady of La Salette has said.