Will Fr. James Altman Disobey His Bishop + Escape The Confines Of His Prison + Run Amok Across The Countryside On The Feast Of The Holy Machabees?

OK I've notice and you noticed that Altman and Vigano use feast days to announce things.

So I wonder if Altman is going to go nuts and run amok on the Feast of the Holy Machabees.

That makes sense.

Will watch for that date.

I did notice a lot of feast days in July that Fr Altman can claim as his own to run amok - especially 25th of July the feast of St. James the greater.  Of course there is St Mary Magdalene or St Anne or Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Either way when we see Altman's letter I'm sure he will explain why he chose that particular date to run amok etc. 

Fr. Altman raised close to $1 Million in cash and to show you how greedy Rad Trad Laymen are, they ask if the Bishop will kick out Father's 90 year old parents from the house they are staying in rent free...


1 Million in cash isn't enough for these greedy bastards now they are worried about how they can live rent free elsewhere? 

Oh no! now he gotta pay rent! 

These Married Laymen believe that only the Bishops are greedy and that only the Bishops are sensual unchaste perverts.

I bet you anything  that most if not all Married Rad Trad Laymen enter their wives on a nightly basis and are always embracing their wives. 

Can you image if Rad Trad Laymen were forcibly separated from their wives for a whole month! LOL!

You do realize that Fr. Altman will officially be SCHIMATIC if he goes through with his planned escape.