Why Are These Two Pig Headed Stubborn Women Mary Ann Kreitzer & Susan Matthiesen Spreading Rumours That Opus Dei Is Behind ALL the Attacks On The SSPX?

Mary Ann Kreitzer & Susan Matthiesen used to be fans of Gary Voris when most knew better.

Mary Ann Kreitzer & Susan Matthiesen are recent converts to the SSPX

Mary Ann Kreitzer claims her daughter was educated by Opus Dei for most of her formative years.

Here is the website: Lesfemmes

These two women claim that OPUS DEI is behind ALL of the attacks made against the SSPX.


These two obstinate woman Mary Ann Kreitzer & Susan Matthiesen are causing problems in the Rad Trad world.

They are willfully deflecting from any FSSP involvement in the attacks made against the SSPX.

As if these two pig headed women Mary Ann Kreitzer & Susan Matthiesen are saying: "look see! the FSSP are the good guys! nothing to fear from the FSSP! They are your brothers..."

These two Mary Ann Kreitzer & Susan Matthiesen would have said the same to Abel "go ahead out into the field with your brother Cain - there is nothing to fear - its all good."

ALL top twenty Rad Trad influencers ATTEND FSSP Latin Mass. ALL.

ALL top twenty Rad Trad influencers have ALL the necessary MEDIA equipment to get their message out on the Internet that the SSPX is in Schism. When was the last time you heard someone from Opus Dei claim that the SSPX is in schism? Oh if you include Taylor Marshall or Gary Voris but wait these two men attend FSSP Chapels. They don't attend the SSPX. 

These attacks were made against the SSPX  were by ALL top twenty FSSP Rad Trad influencers over the years. Not one Opus Dei in the group. It's all FSSP laity.

Question: What does OPUS DEI have to gain by attacking the SSPX?

Please answer that!

You can't.

Question: what does the FSSP have to gain by attacking the SSPX?


The FSSP benefits if the SSPX is dissolved. 


Mary Ann Kreitzer & Susan Matthiesen are pig headed women who are spreading misinformation and they will not stop.

For further proof that these two pig headed women are causing problems with their mis-information we have this:

When the Motu Proprio came out on the very day Mary Ann Kreitzer & Susan Matthiesen were the first to declare that the SSPX will be hurt and destroyed by the Motu Proprio!


I even commented on the post (which they never published) asking where do you get the idea that the SPPX will be destroyed by the Motu Proprio?

Why would the SSPX be hurt by the Motu Proprio? These two women never gave any reason why they believe this nonsense. I guess they just wanted to be the first to post something.

And more proof that these women are clueless:

Did you know about Dr. Taylor Marshall and his ties with Opus Dei? One of his sons is named after the founder of Opus Dei. Did Dr. Taylor Marshall ever renounce his Opus Dei ties? So why is Mary Ann Kreitzer fawning over Dr. Taylor Marshall? Why does she have several flattering posts on the Opus Dei Doctor on her blog? Why does this woman gush over Opus Dei Marshall? 

So if its wrong for Gary to be Opus Dei then doesn't this apply to Dr. Taylor Marshall as well?

Why does Mary Ann Kreitzer give Opus Dei Marshall a pass.

Mary Ann Kreitzer is rather inconsistent - just like most women.

These two women Mary Ann Kreitzer & Susan Matthiesen are dangerous to themselves and others around them.

These two Mary Ann Kreitzer & Susan Matthiesen make mention of Michael Matt uniting the klans as if this would be beneficial to the SSPX.

On the contrary Mr. Matt and his unite the klans is an evil idea - especially now.

So here is what will happen.

The attacks on the SSPX will increase.

These attacks will be from the FSSP.

The criminals who cause destruction to SSPX chapels or to SSPX Priests or to SSPX Laity (Our Lady Of La Salette foretold this) will be named as attendees of FSSP Latin Mass sites. There will be NO Opus Dei names attached to the physical attacks made against the SSPX.

FSSP will be shut down and these attacks against the SSPX will increase further.

Remember - the FSSP laity attend the Latin Mass at FSSP Chapels,

Opus Dei laity attend the Novus Ordo Mass.

Question for these two pig headed obstanited women Mary Ann Kreitzer & Susan Matthiesen:

How come OPUS DEI isn't attacking the FSSP?

Again these two women are covering up for the crimes committed by FSSP Priests and Laity.


  1. You're pig-headedly ignoring the fact that MV and CM are Opus Dei.
    Got anything else?

    1. upset? at being called FSSP

      But not upset for being called a Putin lover?



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