FSSP Guadalajara DOOM! Archbishop of Guadalajara, Cardinal Robles Ortega ABOLISHES The FSSP Just Three Months After Cardinal Burke's Visit To FSSP Guadalajara!

JUNE 10-13 2021

“The Vicar of my Son will suffer a great deal, because for a while the Church will yield to large persecution, a time of darkness and the Church will witness a frightful crisis. Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept. 1846 (Published by Mélanie 1879)

“The true faith to the Lord having been forgotten, each individual will want to be on his own and be superior to people of same identity, they will abolish civil rights as well as ecclesiastical, all order and all justice would be trampled underfoot and only homicides, hate, jealousy, lies and dissension would be seen without love for country or family. Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept. 1846 (Published by Mélanie 1879)

“The Holy Father will suffer a great deal. I will be with him until the end and receive his sacrifice. Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept. 1846 (Published by Mélanie 1879)

“The mischievous would attempt his life several times to do harm and shorten his days but neither him nor his successor will see the triumph of the Church of God. Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept. 1846 (Published by Mélanie 1879)

 “Priests and religious orders will be hunted down, and made to die a cruel death. Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept. 1846 (Published by Mélanie 1879)

Following up FSSP Guadalajara DOOM....... 

Time for  the FSSP laity in  Guadalajara to build their home chapels as Our Lady of La Salette said they would:

"There will be churches built to serve these spirits. People will be transported from one place to another by these evil spirits, even priests, for they will not have been guided by the good spirit of the Gospel which is a spirit of humility, charity and zeal for the glory of God.  Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept. 1846 (Published by Mélanie 1879)


Cardinal of Guadalajara Abolishes FSSP Parish

1) The Mass according to the Missal of 1962 (Art. 2 TC) is allowed to continue with the readings alone being proclaimed in the vernacular using the translation of the Holy Scriptures approved by the Mexican Bishops' Conference (Art. 3 §3 TV).

2) No further Masses may be added. "When the time of the pandemic is over, their number will be checked again on a case-by-case basis."

3) The celebrations have to take place daily “exclusively” in the Church of Nuestra Señora del Pilar; one mass on weekdays in the Cristo Rey chapel; and on Sundays and public holidays in the parish church of San Francisco Javier de las Colinas (Art 3 §2 TC).

4) “The celebrations in the formation house or other houses of the FSSP in the Archdiocese are regulated according to the guidelines of the Congregation of Religious, whereby it should be noted that this chapel and similar chapels do not have the permission of the Archdiocese for public worship, but only the members of this Society are reserved for those in training. "

5) The quasi-parish of San Pedro en Cadenas is also canonically abolished (Art. 3 §2, §5 and §6 TC).

6) The person responsible for the celebration and pastoral care of the participating believers will be announced shortly (Art 3 §4 TC).

7) According to the provisions of the Motu proprio Traditionis custodes, any other celebrations, in accordance with the Missal of 1962, must “obtain the appropriate permission on a case-by-case basis” (Art. 2 TC) and may take place “only in the assigned places”.

8) The priests who should intend to celebrate with the Missale Romanum of 1962 must be "authorized case by case" in accordance with the norm of the Motu proprio Traditionis custodes:

According to Art. 5, this applies to priests "who already celebrate according to the Roman Missal of 1962".

Art. 4 stipulates that "the Apostolic See must be consulted" for requests from priests who were ordained after the publication of the Motu Proprio.

"In both cases, each priest presents me with the corresponding handwritten request, justifying the motives for this request and having to explain it formally along with it:

A) that it does not exclude the validity and legitimacy of the liturgical reform, the provisions of the Second Vatican Council and the Magisterium of the Popes (Art 3 §1 TC);

B) that he also recognizes that the only expression of the Lex orandi of the Roman Rite is that of Popes Saints [sic] Paul VI. and John Paul II are promulgated liturgical books (Art. 1 TC);

C) that he undertakes, normally according to the norms of Popes Saint Paul VI. and John Paul II to celebrate liturgical books promulgated, be it the Holy Eucharist, except in cases where the extraordinary permission is expressly given to follow the Editio of the Roman Missal of 1962, be it in the other sacraments in all cases without exception (since the preceding norms, instructions, grants and habits, which do not correspond to what is stipulated in this Motu Proprio, have been suspended, Art 8 TC).

Signed on September 21, 2021 in the Archiepiscopal Curia in Guadalajara in the 525th year of the first baptisms in Latin America. Drawn by José Francisco Cardenal Robles Ortega, Archbishop of Guadalajara, and Don Javier Magdaleno Cueva, Secretary. Protocol number A4660 / 2021. Source

Of course one of Dr. Taylor Marshall woman followers catches on........

Now we just need confirmation from the Forerunner to the Antichrist...... 

“A forerunner of the Antichrist, with his troops gathered from several nations, will fight against the true Christ, the only Saviour of the world. He will shed much blood and will want to annihilate the worship of God to make himself be looked upon as a God.I always wondered now the Forerunner to the Antichrist will raise up his Nationalists army and supply it with weapons. Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept. 1846 (Published by Mélanie 1879)



1. The Manifestation of the Forerunner to the Antichrist. (La Salette)
2. The death of the TWO POPES - Benedict & Francis. (La Salette)
3. 35 Years of Chastisements (La Salette) 
4. Persecution of Holy Mother Church by the Forerunner to the Antichrist and his Nationalist soldiers (Fatima + La Salette)
5. The death of the Fatima Pope and Faithful on top a steep Mountain murdered by the Forerunner to the Antichrist and his Nationalist Army. (Fatima + La Salette)
6. The rise of the Great Monarch and restoration of the Holy Roman Empire. (La Salette)

Again - the Forerunner to the Antichrist comes first before the ACTUAL ANTICHRIST

Forerunner To The Antichrist And His False Prophet


"I didn't see, I don't see any Great Pope or Great Monarch before an extremely great tribulation, horrifying, terrible and general for all Christendom. But before that time, twice there will be a short lived peace; TWO shaky, servile, doubtful popes" Mélanie


“The great chastisement will come, because men will not be converted; yet it is only their conversion that can hinder these scourges. God will begin to strike men by inflicting lighter punishments in order to open their eyes; then He will stop, or may repeat His former warnings to give place for repentance. But sinners will not avail themselves of these opportunities; He will, in consequence, send more severe castigations, anxious to move sinners to repentance, but all in vain. Finally, the obduracy of sinners shall draw upon their heads the greatest and most terrible calamities. Mélanie

“We are all guilty! Penance is not done, and sin increases daily. Those who should come forward to do good are retained by fear. Evil is great. A moderate punishment serves only to irritate the spirits, because they view all things with human eyes. God could work a miracle to convert and change the aspect of the earth without chastisement. God will work a miracle; it will be a stroke of His mercy; but after the wicked shall have inebriated themselves with blood, the scourge shall arrive Mélanie

“What countries shall be preserved from such calamities? Where shall we go for refuge? I, in my turn, shall ask, What is the country that observes the commandments of God? What country is not influenced by human fear where the interest of the Church and the glory of God are at stake? (Ah, indeed! What country, what nation upon earth?) In behalf of my Superior and myself, I have often asked myself where we could go for refuge, had we the means for the journey and for our subsistence, on condition that no person were to know it? But I renounce these useless thoughts. We are very guilty! In consequence of this, it is necessary that a very great and terrible scourge should come to revive our faith, and to restore to us our very reason, which we have almost entirely lost. Mélanie

Victim of Jesus nee MELANIE CALVAT,
Shepherdess of La Salette

"I protest highly against a different text, which people may dare publish after my death. I protest once more against the very false statements of all those who dare say and write First that I embroidered the Secret; second, against those who state that the Queen Mother did not say to transmit the Secret to all her people." Mélanie