Two Crazy SSPX Capuchins Burn Down 5G Tower During MATINS On The FEAST OF SEVEN SORROWS OF THE BVM


Villié-Morgon to Saint-Forgeux is 50 minutes by car.

Villié-Morgon to Ancy is 60 minutes by car.

The two 5G towers that these two Capuchins burnt down, are not even near the Friary so the 5G towers are not going to cause any physical/mental harm to any of the Capuchins. So why make two 1 hour trips to commit terrorism?

How did these two know about 5G towers? Internet. Online chatting with seculars. Someone convinced these two Capuchins to commit TERRORISM.

These two should be thrown out of the SSPX. (beaten first)

Conditions of Entry

1. First of all, of course, the elementary conditions required by Canon Law for all aspirants for the religious life.
2. To be at least sixteen, and no more that thirty-five.
3. To be a Catholic, faithful to the Church and Pope.
4. Having a good health and sound judgment.
5. Moreover to be well decided to live according to the Gospel, following St. Francis.
6. To be a friend of peace and concord.

Sound judgment and to be a friend of peace......


What?  5G towers made of wood? 

Sound judgment is burning down a METAL TOWER during MATINS on the Feast of Our Lady?

How in the hell do you BURN down a METAL TOWER?

What kind of fire do you need to burn down a metal tower?

What says PEACE better than to commit ARSON during MATINS on the Feast of Our Lady?

Two Capucines Set Fire To 5G Tower 

Two Capuchins, 39 and 40, belonging to the PiusX Capuchins of Villié-Morgon, France, admitted to setting fire to a telephone pylon on the night of 14/15 September in Saint-Forgeux, near Lyon. The damage was limited. The following night, they were arrested red-handed while attempting to neutralise a second antenna in Ancy. A spokeswoman for the Capucines explained that this was "an isolated act and a youthful mistake" adding that “the waves are very harmful to health," and that "the two wanted to act for the well-being of humanity." Had they belonged to some regime environmental association, the oligarchs’ media would celebrate them as heroes. Source

Youthful mistake????

Are you kidding me?

Arson is a youthful mistake?

These two are 40 years old!

If I were king I would have both men flogged and kicked out of the monastery and I would have the head of these Capuchins beaten with rods.

I bet these two will one day convert to Islam.....they already have the beard. And they know how to plan and commit a terrorist act. 

Listen here from their own website:

Another time, shortly before his stigmatization (in 1224, two years before his death) by which God set His seal on the Rule, some dissatisfied friars came to him to complain that the rule was too hard. This Rule was the second that St. Francis had drawn up; the Pope had deemed that his first rule was a bit harsh: the second rule is the one that we follow today. When these friars came to complain about the second revised Rule, a voice was heard from Heaven, Christ voice Himself, saying, “Francis, let them understand that it was I who inspired you this rule. If they cannot follow it, let them leave the Order. I know how fragile human nature is: let them know how much I want to help those who embraced this Rule.” Source

These two were arrested on the 16th of September.

Did these two not know that the very next day is the Impression of the Stigmata of St. Francis???

Please God weed out all of these "converts" from the SSPX.


  1. I am quite surprised that these two former SSPX members did not defect over to the TRUE Faith and the PURE Mass celebrated by only GENUINE priest.

  2. They are still in the Friary. But they should be kicked out and given to the likes of you sedes.

    These two are terrorists, as you sedes are. You sedes just haven't been caught yet.

    How many Catholic churches did you sedes burn down in Canada?

    And Christ is not in the closet. There are a Billion Catholics in the world:

    God forbid, dear Lord, that I should ever think that thou hast broken the Oath, and Testament, which thou didest make to Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, thy servants, saying: By myself I have sworn, I will multiply thee, and I will multiply thy seed, as the stars of heaven, and as the sands that is upon the Sea shore: Thy seed shall possess the gates of thine enemies, and in thy seed shall be blessed all Nations of the earth. Thy seed shall be dilated to the East, and to the West, and to the North, and to the West, and to the North, and to the South, and in thee, and thy seed, shall be blessed all the Tribes of the earth.


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