Another Catholic Convert To Tradition Having A Crisis Of Faith: Can All These FSSP Converts Just Shut The Hell Up?


Are all Catholic Converts to Tradition now cry babies having crisis of faith and posting about it in a  Twitter Meltdown?

This is getting ridiculous.

Here is another example of a Phd. convert to the Catholic Faith having a public meltdown on One Peter Five

Everyone has a crisis of faith at some point in their life. I have had an on-going crisis of faith ever since I became a Christian. Now that crisis of faith is coming to a head. They used to say of the early Christians, “see how they love one another.” As Catholics, we believe that we worship the God who is love (1 John 4:7) and that the Son of God gave a new commandment to His Apostles before He died that they love one another as He loved them (John 13:34). This is what my heart searches for in the Christian Gospel – the lived-out reality of this new commandment. Yet, in my life since I have been a Christian, I have experienced more love, belonging, and acceptance with people who want little to nothing to do with God, or who believe in other gods, than with Christians. Source

Remember when Catholic Converts to Tradition back in the day on the site Fisheaters were trying to outdo each other in claiming who is going be the first MARTYR?

Remember those foolish Catholic Converts?

Pope Leo XIII said in response to the writings of Orestes Brownson that he wished CONVERTS to the faith would just practice their faith, pray, attend Mass and SHUT THE HELL UP!

Why are all these Catholic Converts the top FSSP Rad Trad Influencers producing content?

What the Hell is going on over at the FSSP?

Why is the FSSP producing Catholic Converts who turn into Rad Trad Influencers and then have a breakdown? What is the FSSP doing to these poor souls?

All of these FSSP converts converted on Easter Sunday and within three months they are all over the Internet acting as is they are experts on the Catholic Faith.

Is the FSSP pushing these converts to produce content?

Please just shut the Hell up!

I can't wait until that little Bitch FSSP Convert Ann Barnhardt breaks down.......