I've Been A Catholic Convert For Only Three Days And Already Published With One Peter Five!

List of Featured Contributors on One Peter Five who are Converts to the Catholic Faith

The Founder of One Peter Five is already an Apostate who still rants against the Immaculate Bride of Christ on his Twitter account - view his public meltdown on Twitter..

The following is a disportionate number of writers who converted to the Catholic Faith and are now Rad Trad Influencers - 13 altogether.

I did notice that some of these converts did not say they converted - Timothy Flanders Laramie Hirsch Maike Hickson etc... there may be more on the page I just don't know if they are converts.

The whole list of names featured contributors comes to 57 and I'm sure that there are some converts I missed.

So about 22% are converts.

Seems excessive.
  1. Alan Scott converted to the Catholic faith in 2004 
  2. Brian Miles He is a convert to Catholicism from Evangelical Protestantism. 
  3. Brian Williams entered the Catholic Church in 2006. 
  4. Carl Wolk He entered the Catholic Church on Easter 2012, a convert from Calvinism and before that, atheism. 
  5. David Mitchell was received into the Catholic Church in 2008, 
  6. Elliot Bougis a convert from the Reformed tradition. Eric Sammons Convert from Methodism 
  7. Fr. John Zuhlsdorf Convert from Lutheranism
  8. Jacob Tate a Catholic convert 
  9. Jonathan Cariveau a convert to Eastern Catholicism from Evangelical Protestantism 
  10. Laramie Hirsch Convert from Southern Baptist
  11. Maike Hickson Convert 
  12. Stefanie Lozinski Catholic convert from a (very lapsed) Greek Orthodox 
  13. Timothy Flanders convert

I don't know the number of converts who attend the FSSP chapels - I would imagine almost all attend the Latin Mass at the FSSP.