Prophecy Of Stigmatist Antonio Ruffini That Pope Francis Would Consecrate Russia To The Immaculate Heart Of Mary...

Antonio Ruffini 
d. 25 MAR.. 1999

FC: So, whoever this hunted Pope is, Benedict or some other Pope, it will not be he who consecrates Russia, in your view? 

Father Kramer: On this point I would refer to the testimony of the Roman stigmatist, Antonio Ruffini. Pope Pius XII authorized the blessing of a chapel on the spot where Ruffini received the stigmata on the Via Appia, and Father Tomaselli, the miracle worker, wrote a booklet about him — a short account of the life of Ruffini. I myself knew Ruffini for many years. In the early 1990s Ruffini was asked point blank in his home: “Is John Paul II the Pope who is going to do the Consecration of Russia?” He answered: “No, it’s not John Paul. It will not be his immediate successor either, but the one after that. He is the one who will consecrate Russia.” That is, Benedict’s successor, during this time of world war and persecution of the Church, will be the one to do the Consecration at long last, and then the restoration and the triumph of the Immaculate Heart will begin. Fatima Crusader #82


  1. Selective content conveys a fake conclusion, i.e. the way you have presented your text is that it will be anti-Pope Francis who consecrates Russia. Why have you omitted that from your text that the members of the panel in the video agree it will be a "legitimate successor" of the Papacy who will consecrate Russia, which anti-Pope Francis is anything but.

    Benedict the XVII is still the legitimate Pope, still wears white and has never abdicated and is still alive. Therefore he alone must still remain the Pope, according to the Vatican laws of succession.

    If it is not Benedict who consecrates Russia, then it us very unlikely that it will be the Pope elected after anti-Pope Francis, who has appointed 70 Cardinals. These will attend the next conclave to elect the next Pope. As these 70 Cardinals are invalid given that an anti-Pope, (non-Pope) has no valid authority to appoint Cardinals. Subsequently, the conclave itself would also be invalid. How does the Church get around this catch 22 situation? I am not sure that it can. Probably, the reason it will eventually go underground, as already prophesied.

    1. oh..did any of them prophecy that a "Fake" Pope be next in line?


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