Putin Will Save Christendom With His Invasion Cheerleaders: 'Sisters For Victory'

Nothing says restoring all things in Christ like stripper nurses with Z tattoos, 

FSSP are idiots....


Russia's invasion cheerleaders: 'Sisters for Victory' don nurses' outfits with controversial 'Z' emblem as they pose with occupying troops in Ukraine 

Dressed in nurses’ uniforms from a bygone era, social media influencers and models pose by tanks in a crude effort to boost Russian war propaganda. The smiling group – called ‘Sisters for Victory’ – mingled with Vladimir Putin’s troops as their uniforms displayed the Z sign promoting the brutal invasion of Ukraine. Online posts claimed some of the women are ‘wives and girlfriends’ of servicemen fighting in Ukraine. Their snaps in the Luhansk region of eastern Ukraine were posted on Instagram and Russian social media site VK. They were shown bringing cakes marking Orthodox Easter to troops and were previously filmed singing a sea shanty in an attempt to convince young people in Russia of the need for war. They include Alyona Boyko, who has 30,000-plus followers on TikTok and Instagram. Her propaganda message to soldiers was: ‘It is most important not to give up now, to be stronger despite all odds. 'Hard times will pass and sooner or later, everything will be fine.’ Violetta Moskalenko, 19, who has 3,000-plus followers on Instagram, is a model who took part in Luhansk Fashion Week. Other ‘nurses’ include beauty contest participant Maria Okorokova and actress Anastasia Chepurova. Source