FSSP Rad Trad Laymen Have A Problem With Lauren Boebert's "Jesus & AR-15s" But Have No Problem With Carrying Guns During The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass

FSSP Rad Trad Laymen have a problem Lauren Boebert's "Jesus & AR-15s" 

But these same FSSP Rad Trad Laymen actually carry firearms with them in front of the Blessed Sacrament during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

It is a greater Sacrilege for the FSSP'ers to be in the presence of the Real Presence with their guns.

The FSSP Priests have no problem with this Sacrilege at their Masses 


  1. What Lauren Boebert said is impious. Jesus, as God, had no need for guns, obviously. Man, on the other hand, does have need for self-defense no matter whether at home or in Church. You misconstrue a natural right for a sacrilege. Don't fall for the error of Pacifism.

    1. Catholics go to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass where Jesus is truly and really present in the Blessed. Sacrament.

    2. Say an armed lunatic enters the Church and tries stealing the Blessed Sacrament (now there is a real sacrilege!); does not one have a duty to protect Our Lord in the Eucharist? What recourse besides a firearm will suffice to combat an armed abductor? This is just one possible scenario to show why you do not bring fists to a gunfight, even before Christ in the Tabernacle.


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