Heretical FSSP Rad Trad Convert Eric Sammons: Let Us Now Pray That The Blessed Mother Might Intercede For The Queen And Bring Her To The Heavenly Kingdom.

I do firmly held, and do no ways doubt, but that not only all Pagans, but also all Jews, heretics, and Schismatics, who do die out of the Catholic Church, are to go into everlasting fire, which was prepared for the devil and his Angles. Written by an English Priest in 1623

Heresy written by a FSSP Rad Trad Convert in 2022:

Let us now pray that the Blessed Mother might intercede for the Queen and bring her to the Heavenly Kingdom.  Eric Sammons 

Eric Sammons believes in Universal Salvation? or Salvation for Non-Catholic Popular World Leaders?

I have said before Sammons is a heretic.

But Rad Trads love him...

Sammons is running FSSP One Peter Five...if that says anything...