Bearded FSSP Rad Trad Gym Bros Eating Dog Food For Gains.....Kibbles and Bits...Kibbles and Bits.....

Invited a FSSP gym bro over to do a podcast and then wondered why his mike smelled like dog shit/dog food?

Reason? the FSSP Rad Trad Gym Bro is eating dog food for protein. 

I called the FSSP gym bros out awhile back for taking steroids to increase muscle mass and to please the vaginas in their lives. They must of checked with some FSSP Priest to get approval to take steroids and he said no. So the  FSSP gym bros switched to eating dog food for its protein content. The Priest approved and now all of your FSSP Rad Trad Influencers who pump iron (100% of them) eat dog food.

So when you talk with one of these Bearded FSSP Rad Trad Influencers after Latin Mass and you wonder why their breath smells like dog shit/dog food - its because they actually eat dog food.

Here is the news:  

Prime rib, chicken soup, steak frites, and filet mignon are all flavors of dog food that may sound appetizing, and for gym bros — they are! People on TikTok are noticing the hefty amount of protein in dog food and have decided to get in on the action, while sharing their experience trying it. Some people on the social platform say that because some dog food brands are high in protein, the benefits of fueling a workout may be worth enduring the questionable flavors and the potential risks of chowing down on meals intended for our canine friends. Fitness influencer Henry Clarisey, 21, from Buffalo, New York, decided to try Kibbles ’n Bits’ Oven Roasted Beef With Spring Vegetable and Apple Flavors. However, in his first viral TikTok video with 19.9 million views, he tells viewers that, according to an app, Pedigree's dog food has 666 grams of protein — around 600 grams more than the amount of protein most people should consume each day. Source

Hey! did St Jerome lift weights?