dxv515 Predictions For 2024: Rad Trad Influencer Anthony Stine Crashes And Burns - Leaves The Faith After Creating Thousands Of Podcasts......


How many videos/podcasts so far in 2024?


Lets say that Anthony's average video is 30 minutes long - that's 12 Hours of content to go through.

I don't have the time now to listen to all of his 24 podcasts or 12 hours worth! Who does?

Anthony is a convert. Anthony is a FSSP Rad Trad Convert just like most FSSP'ers.  I like Anthony Stein. I like his content. Even though he is petty like ALL Rad Trad Influencers who block me on twitter just for calling them out on some ridiculous comments that they have made and for pointing out their inconsistency.

Looking at his output and the time of day he records his Podcasts (3AM) I find it hard to believe that Anthony attends daily Latin Mass or that he has time to pray study and meditate. What Anthony does read is Church News - lots of Church News. I bet Anthony spends close to 20 hours a day just preparing his podcasts/videos.

Anthony has no spiritual life.

So my prediction is that Anthony has a crisis or sorts involving physical and mental health. It won't be long before everyone notices that Anthony has not produced any content for 2 or 3 weeks. Then everyone will ask what happened to Anthony?

FSSP Stine will go the way of FSSP Skojec