Putin, Tucker and Rad Trads claim Alexei Navalny died from 'sudden death syndrome'

What is Sudden Death Syndrome? 

Sudden adult death syndrome occurs when an otherwise healthy person passes away suddenly, with the cause likely being a heart condition. In around one in 20 spontaneous heart-related deaths in the UK, no definite cause can be found. During a post-mortem, a pathologist can usually detect abnormalities in a patient's heart tissue, which may show signs of artery disease or a clot in the lung. When nothing is found, the cause of death is deemed to be Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome (SADS). This was once known as sudden adult death syndrome, however, children can also being affected. Cot death may be partly caused by the same factors responsible for SADS. Although unclear, SADS is thought to occur due to a disturbance in the heart's rhythm, even if the person has no cardiovascular disease. Due to the electrical function of the heart being affected, such disturbances can only be detected in life and not in death. Rare diseases, such as Long QT Syndrome and sodium channel disease, can increase a person's risk of SADS. Many people with these conditions have no symptoms and may never be diagnosed. If a family looses a relative due to SADS, genetic testing can be carried out to determine if they are at risk of the aforementioned diseases. Most of these conditions are made worse with exercise and therefore, if diagnosed, a doctor may advise a person to avoid playing sports. Source

Alexei Navalny's 'cause of death' revealed: Russia claims opposition leader died from 'sudden death syndrome' in prison - but his body is MISSING while 'killers cover their tracks'
Alexei Navalny died from 'sudden death syndrome' after collapsing on Friday, Russian investigators are alleged to have told the opposition leader's mother as she visited the brutal IK-3 Polar Wolf penal colony where he was being held this morning. Lyudmila Navalnaya was seen today travelling to the colony in northern Russia, where she was told her son died after returning from a walk at 14:17 local time on Friday. Navalny's allies say they were denied the opportunity to see the body, which would remain with the authorities until an investigation was complete. Navalny's lawyer, who arrived in the town of Salekhard with Navalny's mother on Saturday, was allegedly told by the prison that the body was being held in the morgue. A contact at the Salekhard morgue later denied the body was there - leaving yet more question marks around the shock death of one of Putin's most fierce critics. 'It's obvious that the killers want to cover their tracks and are therefore not handing over Alexei's body, hiding it even from his mother,' his team said in a post on Telegram. The shock death of Putin's most fierce critic has sparked a wave of vigils and protests across Russia, prompting police to crack down with force and make hundreds of arrests since Friday. Alexei Navalny, the fiercest foe of Russian President Vladimir Putin, was reported to have died in prison on Friday, according to Russia's prison agency. The Federal Prison Service said in a statement that Navalny, 47, felt unwell after a walk and 'almost immediately lost consciousness'. Paramedics reportedly came to try to rehabilitate him without success.  Source