New York Cardinal Dolan's Protégé Rihanna Fenty Mocks The Catholic Faith

Rihanna Fenty, 36, a moderately talented singer from Barbados in the Caribbean, has once again mocked the Catholic faith by dressing as something between a prostitute and a nun for the cover of the spring issue of a US magazine. Wearing what looks like a nun's veil, but showing a lot of skin in the chest area, she has a lascivious facial expression. Commenters on social media were less than enthusiastic about her appearance, calling it "dehumanising", "degrading" and a "religious mockery". One user writes that he is "so tired of all these unholy pictures". Another: "I love Rihanna but I will never understand her obsession with sexualising religious imagery." Again, another user: "May God forgive you." In 2018, Fenty appeared at the Met Gala wearing a mitre, and New York Cardinal Dolan joked that she had borrowed it from him. "She was very graceful," said Dolan, whose mouth often works faster than his brain. Source