Priest Saying The New Mass In The Nude? Priest with Diocese of Reno Removed from Duties, Retires After Nude Video Leak

I don't trust the Bishop.

What's going on here?

The Priest is over 60?

Nude? Just nude? Partial nudity?

Or was the Priest saying the New Mass in the Nude at his home?

A local priest was placed on leave and requested early retirement after a brief video showing him undressed was published on social media. Rev. Honesto Agustin had been a pastor at St. Albert the Great since 2015 according to a statement from the Diocese of Reno released on April 25th. He asked for early retirement after a brief investigation into his conduct and was removed from ministry by the Diocese of Reno. In a follow-up statement released April 30th, the Diocese clarified specifics of the situation, saying suspicious duplicate accounts with Agustin's name and likeness posted a 10-second video showing him undressed alone in his home. The Diocese brought in an independent investigator with a background in digital imaging and computer forensics and it was determined that it was "unquestionably" Agustin in the video, with the investigator determining it was highly unlikely that the video was AI-generated. The Diocese said in its statement that they have already notified law enforcement about the person they believe to have set up the fake accounts. They also clarified that to the best of their knowledge, no crimes had been committed by Agustin. Out of an abundance of caution, it was decided to remove Agustin from his duties at St. Albert the Great Parish and he was asked to consider retiring, which he agreed to do. An internal investigation is ongoing and expected to conclude soon according to the statement released April 30th. Source