Rad Trad Ann Barnhardt Applauds Randall Margraves Who Was Years Late In Confronting His Three Daughter's Molester

“Let me have that son of a bitch. Give me one minute with that bastard,” Daddy who was a little too late

Gee mister I bet you had several years to confront your daughter's abuser....

Here is Ann Barnhardt who admires a man who takes several years to wake up to the crime after the damage has already done:

A Beautiful and Rare Demonstration of Masculine Virility Watch a man physically go after the gymnastics doctor serial molester that sodomized his daughter. Remember, the father isn’t a hero. He is NORMAL. This is NORMAL, MORALLY SANE behavior. Ann Barnhardt


Three of your daughters where molested by the same Doctor?


And you did nothing until years later when the cameras where on you?

If you have three daughters and the first one is raped by the Doctor would you let your other two daughters be near that Doctor?


Oh and get this this - the Doctor raped 265 girls!


How did he get away with raping 265 girls?

I guess we know now that Gun Nut Ann Barnhardt likes to disrupt the Courts with violence..


  1. Gee Ann, what about the SSPX sodomy school in Kansas? What abour your sodomite pals Gary, MILO and Skojec? Shall we thrash them as well?Darned phoney mad rad trads....

    1. Professor your words on John Calvin & Juan Carlos Cruz:

      "like the anonymous pamphleteers who made up false rumours about John Calvin's "sodomy"

      "but it's a bit premature to call him a sodomite without evidence."

      If you want others to have the courtesy of not calling John Calvin & Juan Carlos Cruz Sodomites then maybe you should follow your own advice on SSPX school in Kansas.......

  2. Oh and Ann does not go near a SSPX chapel

  3. Dear dxv515, I am afraid I have gotten some details wrong: it was Idaho, not Kansas.



    Note that the guilty party, Kevin Sloniker, was actually selected as a seminarian by the SSPX. They booted him after some bizarre behaviour (including trying to circumcise himself, ouch!!), but even more bizarrely, kept him on as a youth counsellor.

    I say this not to "bash" the SSPX (who are far more circumspect and intellectually honest than the Rad Mad Trads) but to point out that, regrettably, this sickness is something that affects them too.

    As for Ann Barnhardt, I could care less about which chapel she attends. She probably says her own Mass (and claims to become "spiritually male" while celebrating). She is a hypocritical, Christ-hating transsexual who is trolling the entire Rad Mad Trad world, and the laugh will be on them all come Judgment Day.

    1. oh ya I knew about that....trying to circumcise himself...thanks for the clarification and laugh.


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