Anthony Raphael Perlas (a.k.a. “Anthony Tridentine”) "Thou Shalt Obey And Honor All Superiors Even If the Head is Lucifer"

Michael Voris' Church Militant Hired Filipino Neo-Nazi Nationalist & Purveyor Of Soft Porn Anthony Perlas (a.k.a. “Anthony Tridentine”)

HONEY TRAP! Playing With Fire You're Gonna Get Burned - STEVE SKOJEC Of 1P5 Confesses That He Was Sucked Into Neo-Nazi Pornography “Latin Mass Society”

St Thomas Aquinas Refutes The Errors Of Patrick Archbold On The Star Of Bethlehem?

Archbishop Lucas Van Looy, Ghent, Belgium Admits That Wicked Churchmen Are Creating A New Church - A Laudato Si Church!

Heavy Metal Nun & Catholic School Girls.....Ventus - Są takie chwile - próba przed koncertem

The Lord's Prayer (Echo Our Father)

Super Duper Cool Morality: The Catholic Mass

No Need For Prayers When We Have Pop Star Nuns! Siervas Del Plan De Dios (Confía en Dios en vivo )

THIS IS WHY MONARCHY IS DANGEROUS! TradCatKnight (Eric Gajewski) Claims To Be The Great Catholic Monarch! LOL!

VIDEO: TRADCAT KNIGHT A FRAUD! TradCatKnight (Eric Gajewski) Deception Cult Exposed

Hollywood Movie Director Patrick Kinney's Son Lucas Is A Product Of The New Mass & Vatican II Converted To Islam!!! Joins al-Qaeda & Murders In The Name Of Allah!!!

Evil Portent During The Synod: IT IS TIME, THE SUN IS DARKENING; ONLY FAITH WILL SURVIVE! Coronal Hole Covering Half Of The Solar Surface!

Satan Has Offspring. You Bet He Does: Is Gary Voris A Offspring Of The Devil? Gary Born Of A Incubus?

Fr. John Zuhlsdorf Just Pulled A Michael "Can't We Just All Get Along?" Matt: 'Conservatives' & 'Trads' Need To Stop Bickering, Work Together....Yea Soon As You Kiss Pope Francis' Arse!

An Important Word From DXV515 On The Synod!!!! I SHOUT AT GINGERS A LOT!!

Bizarre & Strange Same Day Voris Announces His View Is From 30,000ft A Baby Is Born At 30,00ft On China Airlines Flight

WOW! Voris Declares His Gaze Is From 30,000ft Up And Looking Down On Us! Above The Mountain Tops! Higher Than The Waters Of The Deluge! Taller Than The Tower of Babel! Places Himself In The Habitat Of Demons!!

HEY! KATHY SCHIFFER! DOES THIS CONTRADICT THE GOSPEL? Bodycam Captures Hundreds Of Illegal Mexican Immigrants Spilling Out Of A Semitruck!

LOL Gluttonous KATHY SCHIFFER Claims Protests Against Muslim Invasion Is ANTI-GOSPEL!!! How Long Before Bitch Covers Up Her Huge Frame With A Hajib & Burqa?

OK This is Nuts....Pope Francis & Pope Mobile Take A Ride In Church....

Solange Hertz, RIP: Little Apocalypse of Our Lady On THE SECRET OF OUR LADY OF LA SALETTE