Archbishop Cupich on SCOTUS rulings

Pope Francis Criticises Overweight Mark Shea In A Tweet!

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner Finds That Gay Pride Parades Are Child Abuse! But Julie Will Be Sure To Perpetuate Modern Democracy By Voting In Every Election She Can Find!

WOW! Gary Michael Voris Attacks Fr Jonathan Morris For Never Criticizing Marcial Maciel But Voris Never Criticises Pope Francis!

Pretty Boy Fr. Jonathan Morris Gets Spit Upon By Sodomites At Gay Pride Parade?

LOL! Paul Anthony Melanson Of La Salette Journey Complaint! The "Supreme Court's" Ruling "Legalizing" Same-Sex "Marriage" Has No Basis In The Constitution

Franciscan Fight

LOL! Restore-DC-Catholicism Is Calling For Civil Disobedience!

Dave Domet Vox Cantoris Attacks The Bride of Christ By Calling Her A Corrupt Church Who Gave Us A Ruined Society

Dancing Franciscans

Franciscan Friar Gabriel Skates again

Polar Bear Plunge with the Franciscan Friars of Holy Name Province: AT Least They Kept Their Robes On!

Franciscans Supporting Environmental Justice in El Salvador

'Catholic' Stephen Colbert June Is A Lovely Time For A Wedding

Stephen Colbert & Fr. James Martin

Incoming Flood Of Tears For Persecuted Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner Who Has Been Silenced On Twitter!! The Horrors!!

Oh No Another Persecuted 'Catholic' On The Blogosphere! Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner Has Been Silenced On Twitter!! The Horrors!!

Fr. Robert Barron On St. Thomas Aquinas - But Ignores Aquinas On Habitat Of Demons & Gets On A Plane To Fly To Toulouse France

Cardinal Burke Is Not Going To Save The Church From Wicked Pope Francis! His Eminence Raymond Cardinal Burke Visits Clear Creek Monastery in Oklahoma

LOL! Novena Prayer Of Thanks For Our Nation's Independence. Independence From What? God? LOL! I'd Rather Have God Smite Us All!

Hoedown In Vestments At the End Of The Stripped And Barren New Mass!

LOL! Bill Donohue Claims Pope Francis Is Just Trying To Stop Wife Beaters!!

Dave Domet (Vox Cantoris) Again Refuses To Blame Pope Francis For The Current Crisis In The Church!

Franciscan Minister General Sings 'Laudato Si''

Layman Dave Domet Of Voxcantoris Calls Himself Charitable By Blaming Dementia As The Root Cause Of Pope Francis' Words & Actions!!

Priests and Nuns - GANGNAM STYLE.wmv

No No No.....


Catholic Vote Crybabies Throw A Fit Over Atheist Colby Cosh Article!!! Remember You Morons - Theodore Kaczynski Was Just A Bomb Thrower - Pope Francis Is Destroying The Whole Church!!

The Dancing Priest

THE LEVITES All-Priest Band From The Philippines

This Blog Will Include Laymen! All The Usual Suspects!!

Filipino Priest Dances To "You've Got A Friend"

Dancing Hardcore Priest

This Blog Lives Up To Its Name!!!

Bishop Chito Tagle Sings Walang Kapalit & You to Me Are Everything With Fr. Orlie Jimenez And Dancing Boys

Cardinal Tagle Sings Prayer of St. Francis

The Levites All-Priest Pop/Rock Band

Mexico's Rock and Roll Priest

Rock And Roll Priest

Our Lady Of La Salette Prophecy On Pope Francis' Evil Book Laudato Si & The Churches That Will Be Built Upon Laudato Si To Serve Evil Spirits!

What Kind Of Priest Declares Laudato Si Is A Splendid Contribution To The Great Vault Of Social Doctrine Of The Catholic Church.

What Kind Of Cardinal Plays The Saxophone? And Plays The Fool On Stage?......What Kind......

Florence & The Machine Asks: What Kind Of Man Loves Like This ? Yea...What Kind Of Man.....

What Kind Of Roman Catholic Priest Allows Catholic Churches To Be Turned Into Upscale Apartments?

What Kind Of Catholic Priest Supports Satan's Lesbian Feminist Army?

What Kind Of Bishops Would Rather Go Bowling With You Then Celebrate The Latin Mass? The Priests That Have Become Cesspools of Impurity....

Why No Bishops In Attendance At Rally In Rome Against Gay Unions?......Because The Priests Have Become Cesspools Of Impurity

What Kind Of Roman Catholic Priest Writes A Book On The Art Of Kissing.....Same Priest Who Pope Francis Made Archbishop

Pope Francis: The Encyclical

What Kind Of Roman Catholic Priest Allows This?

Raper Priest: Resposta ao rap "Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus"

Padre Cesar y los Pecadores (Video 01)

Dave Domet Of Vox Cantoris: Does Pope Francis Realise Who And What He Has Allied Himself With?

Rockin' Padre Cesar y los Pecadores (Video 15)

Four Rockin' Spanish Priests: La Voz del Desierto

Homeless Bums Sleep In Pews During The Stripped And Barren New Mass! Can you Blame Them?

Fr. Pontifex - Ocean (4K)

Dave Domet Of Vox Cantoris Claims That Pope Francis Is Under The Spell Of Evil And Wicked Churchmen!

Won't Fast During EMBER DAYS But Catholic Rudy López Executive Director Of Interfaith Worker Justice Is Fasting For RAMADAN

Catholic Priests Exorcise The Entire Country Of Mexico As It Seeks To Drive Out Demons Causing Drug Crime And Violence