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Dancing Priest

Cardinal Dolan Sends Best Wishes To Sodomite Chris Prestia Organist At NYC's St. Agnes Church On His Marriage With Shane Gallagher!

Youth Rally Concert, March For Life, 2011 Washington, DC.

Rome Burns While Principal And Priest Dance....Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton School Hastings Minnesota, Father Jim & Dr. Jill Moes

I'm Gonna Be Sick: Propaganda For The Stripped And Barren New Mass.....

Five Dancing & Singing Priest Act: Vidéo du Concert des Prêtres à Abidjan - Riviera Golf

Avant première du concert d'AMEN des prêtres

Brother Nathanael DANCING....

Father Jose Planas Moreno/Father Pepe Dancing The Sevillanas During The Stripped And Barren New Mass

Pope Francis The Heretic Appoints Three Heretical Bishops To LA Joseph Brennan, David O'Connell & Robert Barron

If Michael Matt & The Remnant Crew Were Sent To Internment Camps Matt & Crew Would Still Demand The Right To Vote In Presidential Election......LOL!

Fr. Robert Barron Named Auxiliary Bishop of LA - Woman To Replace Barron As Rector of University Of St. Mary Of The Lake Mundelein Seminary

Sodomite Rev. Warren Hall Campus Chaplain At Seton Hall University In New Jersey: His Letter To Pope Francis

VIDEO: Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, President of the Pontifical Council for Culture Active Participant In Pagan/Devil Worship!


Priests Dancing In A Bar After YAM (Young Adult Ministry) Party!

"Les Prêtres" au Québec

People Will Think Of Nothing But Amusement: THREE PRIESTS SINGING!

Reggae Our Father - Fr. Richard Ho Lung

First Ever Released Photo Of Ann Barnhardt Attending FSSP Latin Mass....

Mark Shea Is A Bruce (Caitlyn) Jenner Catholic

Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words! Ann Barnhardt Pontificates On The Mass But Fails To Provide Picture Proof That She Actually Attends A Latin Mass!

Another Lay Traditionalist Obsessed With The Serb Orthodox: Mundabor Gushes Over Wimbledon Winner Novak Djokovic For Making The Sign of The Cross? But What Bout Those Other Habits?

Fr. John Zuhlsdorf Lover The Ballot Box Takes A Swipe At IMPERIALISM! LOL!


LOL! Catholic Vote Blog Has Gone Queer! "Catholics Harbor Hate, Fear, And Disgust For Anyone Who Has Same Sex Attraction"

Fr Z Bitch Slaps Dave Domet Of Vox Cantoris Over Bolivia Paper Bag Incident! Can't Fight His Way Out Of A Wet Paper Bag! LOL!!

Pedophile Catholic Teacher Named After Our Lady Of Fatima - Fatima Grupico, 24, Had Sex With Underage Boy Hundreds Of Times In Now Defunct Cardinal McCarrick High School In New Jersey

Cafeteria Catholic Fr Z Disses ‘Laudato si” Because "It’s Pretty Hard On Free Markets"

Ann Barnhardt Accusing Gary Michael Voris & CHURCH MILITANT.COM Of Siding With The Antichrist? ANN "It Is Now Appropriate To Begin Serious Discussions As To Whether Pope Francis Is, In Fact, The Antichrist"

Singing & Dancing Bat Shit Crazy Priest Don Bruno Maggioni, Pastor Of Limbiate, Province Of Milan

You Go Girl! Connecticut Catholic Corner Girl: "Twitter can ban me every week!" Julie Is The First Ever Twitter Martyr!

Ann Barnhardt Is Being Passed Around Like A Two Dollar Whore.......

Would Courts Accept Conscientious Objectors To Gay Marriage? Jul. 05, 2015 - 4:19 - Father Jonathan Morris Weighs In.......

Catholic Convert/Gun Nut Ann Barnhardt Advocating Assassinating Hillary Clinton!

Opus Dei's Founder, Saint Josemaria Escriva: Jesus Is Still Alive And He Is Jewish Just Like You....

Cardinal Dolan On St. Josemaria And Opus Dei

Jewish Girl Asks St. Josemaria About Converting: YOU ALREADY HAVE YOUR BAPTISM OF DESIRE!

Fr. Barron on the SCOTUS Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

Strange Goings On...? Hat Wearing Fr. Paul Nicholson Rides The Back Of A Trolley Bus And Half A World Away Trolley Bus Burns With The Fires Of Hell!

Bishop-Foley Catholic High School Spanish Teacher Kathryn Ronk, 30, Thrown In Jail For Having Sex With Fifteen Year Old Boy

Sodomite Andrew Sullivan: On Pope Francis

Ask Andrew Anything: Gay Catholic

Syracuse Catholic Church Hosts Gay Pride Prayer Service

Sodomites Of Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Visit Sodomite Friendly Church - Most Holy Redeemer Church San Francisco

Canadian Vox Cantoris 10th Amendment Of The Constitution Of The United States Of America Is The Model Of Catholic Subsidiarity.

Prophecy Of Dante Alighieri: The New Mass of Paul VI Is Not Going To Appease The Vengeance Of God - God's Vengeance Does Not Fear A Sop

Louie Verrecchio VIDEO: Fr. Jonathan Morris Spits Back