Evil Portent For Intercommunion: Pelicans Crash Pepperdine Graduation Ceremony

God Punishes Sacrilegious Communion: Allowing Intercommunion Will Cause A Great Number Of Deaths

Duterte Orders The Murder Of Catholic Priest: Father Mark Ventura Shot After Mass

Forerunner To The Antichrist David Hogg Attends The White House Correspondent's Dinner

I Guess Raving Mad Rad Trad Prophet Dave Domet Won't Be Praying The Rosary For The UK Today! "God Damn England!" "God Damn My Queen!"

Would Rad Trads Let The Unmarried Parents Of Alfie Evans Receive Communion At Their Latin Mass Chapel?

New Rad Trad Hero: Tom Evans

VIDEO: Monarch Of Alfie's Army: I Call On The UK Authorities & Hospital Authorities To Release Alfie Evans

Rad Trad Fail: Alfie Evans Dead

Majority Of Frequent Flying Rad Trads Want Alfie Evans To Fly In The Habitat Of Demons Of The Darksome Atmosphere.....

I Pray For The Destruction Of The Airline Industry During Daily Mass.....Sand Storm Chasing Aircraft In Kuwait

Look At The Cleavage On This Exorcist! LOL......

I Totally Agree With Mark Shea On The Panic du Jour Hysteria Surrounding The Alfie Evans Case

ACTION ITEM For Fr. John Zuhlsdorf....$4.5 Million Meteorite Big Bang Pistol Set...Please Donate!

Pope Francis Fail: Rise In Exorcisms = Rise In Sacrilegious Communion!

Jesus Spent 30 Years In Obscurity, Poverty & Silence Before Beginning His Ministry! Gary Michael Voris Spent 30 Years In SODOMY & Immediately Started Preaching To Others!

Homosexual Toronto Van Driver Kills 10 & Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Gay Pride Failure

Daniel's Second Beast BEAR = SOCIAL MEDIA: Homosexual Google App Developer Alek Minassian Toronto Vehicle Ramming Attack 10 Dead 15 Wounded